Basic Information:

Full Nation Name: Eeonichae

Adjective: Eeonin

Capital City: Selmara Other Cities: Onadara, Hegalu, Sanheara, Camileal

Major Characters:
Over ruling Emperor and Empress:

  • Emperor: Esaru,
  • Empress: Alenstra

House of Ix rulers:

  • Lord: Ragnor
  • Matron: Vasilissa

House of Shiatan rulers:

  • Lord: Noxinfeanus
  • Matron: Thalissa

House of Delora rulers:

  • Lord: Veramon
  • Matron: Aleoa

House Feola rulers:

  • Lord: Talcthren
  • Matron: Amphirine

Race: Drow (Dark Elves)

Government Type: Empire

State Religion:

National Colors:

Government: The government is like a feudal system WIP

Here you'd go into detail on your nation's government and how it functions, be sure to highlight any important persons within it like your major characters.


Discuss the territories owned by your nation, what they produce, and as much detail as you'd like.

Foreign Policy:

Your attitude towards other nations in general.

Society and Culture: WIP

Military: WIP