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Their Room/Apartment
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Hey, if you're here I'm assuming you either knocked or were invited in...... Or are you here to see my sister Maisie Beaufort?
    ~ ~~~~~

Oriana's Side of the Room & Her Crafts Area

Maisie's Side of the Room

Their Kitchen/Living Room Area

Their Bathroom

Location of Room

They hve one of the larger rooms on the second floor of the Ortu Dorms. It's really more like a small apartment, with a kitchen area, bathroom, sitting room and small office. She shares this room with Maisie Beaufort.

Dorm Mates
Others That Live in the Ortu Dorms:

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Second in CommandEdit

Faction MembersEdit

  1. Hope (Flower Spirit)
  2. Jemima (Moon Nymph)
  3. Zeki (Fear Spirit)
  4. Maisie Beaufort (Child of Techne)
  5. Oriana Beaufort (Child of Techne)
  6. Scarlett Connolly (Child of Lyssa)
  7. Kenny Dawson (Child of Momus)
  8. Avery Jacobson (Child of Thanatos)
  9. Ali Melanthe (Child of Deimos)
  10. Harrison Rockefeller (Child of Psyche)
  11. Puck Summerhaze (Child of Hera)
  12. Fernando Velasquez (Child of Poseidon)


Lock DownEdit

Officially Less Active UsersEdit

  1. Michael Carter (Child of Circe)
  2. Rachel Carter (Child of Circe)
  3. Nicholas Gautier (Child of Aeolus)
  4. Lexington Gray (Automaton)
  5. Cameron Hartly (Child of Khione)
  6. Asterick Seilers (Child of Asteria)
  7. Jacqueline Sparrow(Child of Lelantos)
  8. Eleanor Tamm (Child of Circe)

Members who Left/DiedEdit

  1. Bayin Bandula (Child of Hyperion)
  2. Micah Daft (Child of Psamathe)
  3. Nicholas Davenport (Child of Nyx)
  4. Misaki Koboyahsi (Child of Hephaestus)
  5. Megara Megalos (Child of Hecate)
  6. Audric Odilone (Child of Plutus)
  7. Mitchie Nelson (Child of Psyche)
  8. Erika Shan (Child of Bia)
  9. Mike Tyler (Child of Hecate)
  10. Ariana Unknown (Child of Demeter)
  11. Edward White (Child of Pontus)
  12. Erik Zeno (Child of Nyx)

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