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His Room/Apartment
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Hey, if you're here I'm assuming you either knocked or were invited in......
    ~ ~~~~~

His Bedroom & Sitting Room

His Office

His Kitchen

His Bathroom

Location of Room

He has one of the larger rooms on the third floor of the Civitas Dorms. It's really more like a small apartment, with a kitchen area, bathroom, sitting room and small office.

Dorm Mates
Others That Live in the Civitas Dorms:

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Second in CommandEdit

Faction MembersEdit

  1. Lyvian Holloway (Child of Styx)
  2. Elitia Kay (Child of Aether)
  3. Livia Kay (Child of Aether)
  4. Andre Knight (Child of Koios)
  5. Vito Marris (Child of Thanatos)
  6. Braelyn Nance(Child of Eros)
  7. Marzipan Phillips (Child of Momus)
  8. Erin Price (Moon Nymph)
  9. Irene Saxe-Coburg (Child of Hera)
  10. Mystic Spades (Child of Khione)
  11. Godfrey Strauss (Child of Koios)
  12. Tank Sullivan (Child of Enyo)
  13. Taylor Tiorano (Child of Khoine)
  14. Siegfried Thorsen (Child of Hecate)
  15. Hermione Treharne (Child of Tyche)
  16. Kendrick Treharne (Child of Momus)


  1. None

Lock DownEdit

Users Officially Less ActiveEdit

  1. Rebelle Carte (Child of Eurus)
  2. Ada Halvorsen (Child of Iris)
  3. Song Liu (Child of Psyche)
  4. Nessa Moss (Child of Lethe)
  5. Clara Saxe-Coburg (Child of Hera)
  6. Calypso St. Clair (Child of Zeus)

Members who Left/DiedEdit

  1. Raphael Pachelli (Child of Kronos)
  2. Ace Varen (Child of Phobos)

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