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Guiding lovers in need since 2013


Welcome to the Love Station!

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To all our dearest campers, we are pleased to inform you that the Love Station is now open! But wait! What exactly is the love station? Well, the love station is one of the newest facilities that recently opened here at camp. It is run by Aphrodite's Cabin and stands alongside "Matchmakers'" which is run by Eros' Cabin. The love station provides campers in relationships that needs help with briefing, counseling and advice on what they should most probably do and prioritize. The love station is open to all members of camp including satyrs, nymphs and more! Let love fill the air! Ta~ta.

Meet the Heads!

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Cabin Announcements


Staff & Service

Meet the Staff!


  1. Lexi Mansin (Chief of Staff)
  2. Colette Tyler (Deputy Chief)


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The Love station offers a wide variety of magazines with love tips for guests to select from. They may be read in the lobby or may be taken to their cabin.

These are the available magazines as of now:

  1. Me & Him
  2. The Love Guide
  3. How to: Valentine's Edition
  4. Redbook
  5. Seventeen
  6. Love Life
  7. Path Magazine
  8. Reader's Digest (Love Editions)
  9. Bride Bloom
  10. Dolly